Friday, July 22, 2011

Language Lessons

#1- The word "poo poo"  is universal.  Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Mongolian, Russian...  everybody knows poo poo.

#2- Using charade-like motions to communicate vomiting or diarrhea is never as successful as you would hope.   But it sure is funny to watch.

#3- Conjugating verbs in Spanish is soooooo unnecessary.  Past tense = just add "en el pasado..." (in the past....), future tense = "en el futuro..." (in the future).

#4- This is what my pocket looked like last time I was on call.    Doesn't have anything to do with language, but I managed to avoid dropping any of them in the toilet accidentally, so I win.


  1. Lol. Also trying to explain to a Polish worker who barely speaks German, let alone English or anything else but Polish that in fact, you can see his skull and you need to stitch the wound up....