Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things My Dad Gave Me- (My Early Father's Day Post)

The more I grow up, the more like my Dad I become.  So in honor of Father's Day, and in lieu of giving him something (I'm poor),  I'm posting a list of things that my Dad has given me.
  • My unfounded intolerance of staying in bed past 10am; even if there's nothing in particular that I need to get up for.  Even 10am is probably a stretch for him- I don't know if I've ever seen him sleep past 8:30am.
  • My His Mustang.
  • The desire to never ever stop learning new things.  He turned 50 and the decided to become an airplane pilot.  And he DID. 
  • A deeply ingrained, fool-proof diet plan: "Stop going in the kitchen".
  • The ridiculous complusion to turn off the car radio whenever anyone in the car starts talking.  I know that I can hear them over the radio.  I know that I don't need to turn it off.  And yet my finger punches that button before I even have a chance to object.  This is one of those things that my Dad did when I was younger that would annoy me to no end (it was always during my favorite song!).  And now I can't stop.  And it annoys other people to no end.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of every John Mellencamp and Paul Simon song every written.
  • The COMPLETELY ridiculous compulsion to read the owner's manual to anything that I buy.  Maybe this came from my incessant "Dad- I can't figure out how to_____ my______!! Will you do it?" and his stock answer, "Did you read the owner's manual?!"  Most recently, I read the owner's "manual" for a $6 wristwatch; which was about 3 sentences long.  But you'll be jealous of me when daylight saving's rolls around and I reset my watch in 2 seconds flat.  Sometimes I even read Danny's owner's manuals.  I'll admit that I get a rush out of making him think I'm a super genius when his PlayStation acts up and I "instinctively" know how to do a hard re-boot.
  • A basic enough understanding of computer lingo to make people think that I'm smart.  Just yesterday, I wow-ed someone by knowing what VOIP stood for (although, my Mom actually deserves credit for that one).
  • My PhotoShop skills.  He's a lot better than me.  Here's my favorite project from him, from when half of the family went to Hawaii but he wanted to have a family picture of the whole family.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!
 I know its 4 days early- but I was feeling sentimental on my run today, and I wanted to write the post before I forgot all of the nice things that I came up with.


  1. Very nice present.
    What happened to "all money is green" and "I'm not a picky eater"?

  2. Well Done, Laura. What about - "you can't park by the door unless you drive by the door?".