Monday, April 18, 2011

End of 4th Year

I have a difficult time explaining what its like to be in this magical period of my life- between Match Day and starting residency.  I finally came up with the perfect analogy.

Remember that week in high school, senior year, after you'd taken all of your AP tests, but still had to go to school for two more weeks before summer?  So you got to watch movies in every class?

That's what my life is like now.  Except, instead of watching movies in a classroom, I watch them in my bed.  And instead of counting down to a summer full of fun, I'm counting down toward the scariest day of my life- the day that I have to use my MD to Make Decisions (that's what it actually stands for, btw) and therefore have the sudden ability to royally screw up.

I also spend a decent amount of time finding gems like this and giggling.


  1. congrats! enjoy this time! you will be missing the freedom next year...

  2. congrats!! so true MD means make decisions.

    enter my competition the word pls.