Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here's my newest obsession: SPACE BAGS.  I'm normally not the infomercial type; but I'd seen these on TV and then found them in a store and I just couldn't resist.  Danny and I are moving from two comically oversized houses to one normal sized apartment with limited storage space.  So I've become very nervous about our closet space.  Check out what I did to a stack of 8 throw pillows, and a stack of of 8 hoodies.



  1. Huh. I bet those will be wrinkly. And anything living in there will be DEAD.

  2. wow - impressive. Is the vacuum in the background concidence? Or do you use the vacuum to suck the air out?

  3. Space bags are a wonderful invention. The pillows will not be wrinkly. I have even used smaller bags when traveling in order to get some clothes in a carry-on. Good going Laura!

  4. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for sharing your before and after photos of using Space Bags! We're happy to be able to help you move into a smaller space and still keep the things that are important to you. Feel free to visit Space Bag's online community - Space Savers - for more space-saving and organizing advice. We also have special discounts available just for Space Savers community members. Visit and use the "contact us" form if you'd like to get in touch.

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers community correspondent