Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surgery Sub-Internship

I'm 4 days into my surgery sub-internship (for those of you who missed my medical school explanation- sub-internship means a rotation in the field that I am planning on applying to residency in; where I'm hypothetically treated like a first year intern and have more responsibilities)

I love it.  It's super.  The hours are long (5:30am until anywhere between 6pm and 8:30pm...) but I'm happy the whole time I'm there.  It's fun and exciting; it challenges me in so many ways and I love it.

I'm WAY too tired and I still have WAY too much left to read tonight, so I can't blog long. The bottom line is that I am happiest when I am busy and constantly challenged.  That's why I love surgery.  And it helps that everyone I work with is great.  With one possible excpetion, my nemesis/hero Dr. Lovely. Long story short- I work with one attending (Dr. Lovely, as he will be known here, as an attempt to fabricate reinforce a positive attitude toward him) who is an amazingly gifted surgeon and an excellent teacher- but who can pretty much reduce me to tears at will. He takes his work very seriously (as well he should), and tolerates zero error or uncertainty.   I'm pretty much a walking bag of errors and uncertainty at this point in my career; and he knows it.  And, of course, all of my advisors have told me that I need to awe Dr. Lovely and get him to write a letter of recommendation for me.  More stories about Dr. Lovely later.

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