Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Surprises

-I just started ENT, and I found out that I'll have Dec 24, 25 and 26 off of work!! In exchange, I work the next 19 days without a break.  Still, I think I win. I get to fly home and see my family!!

-I'm slightly terrified of starting peripheral vascular surgery next month at county; but I just found out that my co-intern used to work as a phlebotomist.  Translation:  I don't have to do all the every-6-hours labs draws by myself!! Or at all!!  YAY.

-Fencing is really REALLY atheletic.  I'm sore allllll over.  Ouchy. Also, see how the sword bends when it hits me?  That's how I got a whole bunch of little bruises everywhere.  Here are other funny thinks about this picture, (1) I think Dan is smiling/sneering way too big under his mask  (2) I think Dan is planning on karate chopping me after he stabs me (3) even though his stab coutns for a point, I think that my across-body swipe would be more deadly in real life (4) doesn't it look like we are wearing grown-up onsies?