Thursday, March 13, 2014

And now for something COMPLETELY different....

You've seen my nephews.

You've seen a day in my life.

And now you get to see inside the cogs that make my mind go around...

I've started a new blog with a new goal completely.  It's called The Surgeon Innovator.  It's dedicated to the idea that all surgeons are innovators and  our brilliant ideas should be shared and celebrated.  Think of it as the TED conference of surgical innovation, but without the fancy microphones, elegant speakers and heart-warming anecdotes.  Ok, maybe its not like TED. It's my thoughts that will hopefully stimulate your thoughts, and maybe, somehow, all those thoughts will smush up against in each and be awesome.

Check it out! You seem like someone with a lot of great ideas. We're going to be good friends.  I can tell.  Also, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE any guest posts. Email me if you've got stuff to say.