Sunday, November 18, 2012


I wrote a novel.  I love it.  It's emotional, it's vibrant, it's raw and it's real. It's all the stories that I wish I could put on my blog about my work in the burn unit, but I can't do that.  So I changed everyone's names, changed their stories a little, added a few dragons and now I get to call it fiction.  

It's the story of a Burn ICU.  A group of patients, all severely burned and all comatose, embarks on a grand adventure together in a fantasy world.  They fight for their lives.  They fall in love.  They learn the truth about who they are, and they must decide what it means to hope and to love.  

As an aside to anyone who read my first novel attempt- this is much better.  I took writing classes. I read books about how to write a good novel.  I had professional writers read it and give me feedback. I talked to people who know stuff about publishing. I spellchecked it.

So if you love good stories and compelling characters, then you should read this. And tell your friends.

-Buy it for you Kindle for $3.99
-Buy it for your hands for $9.99
-Get it for  free if you are an Amazon Prime Member 
        (I get paid whether you buy it or borrow it, so go crazy and borrow it for free and save your $3.99 for that latte you will sip while reading it)