Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney Marathon

Well, maybe it was a little harder than that.  But either way, it was WONDERFUL.  I felt good up until mile 22-ish, but even after that I felt ok (just very very tired).  Seeing all the Disney parks and characters was a blast.  My dad, brother-in-law and I all finished strong.  My sister jumped out a little early, since she was running for two (ie- she's super pregnant).  It's a little embarrassing that her 6-month-pregnant pace is not too different from my normal pace.  O well!  Here are some pictures!!


  1. Great pictures! That was such fun

  2. Dude I love that clip! Don't judge me, but a few months ago we had a 4.3 mile race on campus (ps that's the farthest I've 'run' in a long time) and I kept quoting Barney to explain how I would do it without getting in shape first. I also liked to stay that my daily work out was standing while I taught, but people didn't buy that. Maybe that's why I came in like 190 out of 213...Congrats on your race. You are incredible!