Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marathon Slideshow, aka Pure Awesomeness

I've always believed that John Williams music makes everything seem more important, historic and glorious.  This slideshow is no exception.  Get your tissue boxes ready, ladies and gentlemen, because this slideshow is about to blow your mind.

(Apologies for some of the low res/watermarked pictures.  I'm not willing to pay $99 per person to get the full size images)



  1. Thanks for putting this together. What a great trip! I was able to give Donald Duck a high five because I was moving so slowly...

  2. We liked it. Rach and I watched it together. We cried. And high fived.

    (and I felt like I was there!)

  3. What fun this was to watch (as we sat on our tushes on the couch!)