Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My sister has a awesome blog, and I am jealous of it.  So I thought to myself, "Looks like the only options are
    (1) inflitrate, terrorize and destroy her super cool blog
    (2) design a blog so awesome and so triumphant that all other blogs will cower in fear...." 
So here's my one blog to will rule them all.  Which she designed for me. And she also took the picture of me that's at the top of the blog.  And picked out all the design patterns.  And added the cool running application over there on the side (which takes my workout from the Nike chip on my shoe, to my iPod, to my computer, to the Nike website, and onto my blog. WHAT?!) . Aw crap.  I don't think I've beaten her blog at all.

But in all seriousness- I'm starting the blog because as I look down the pipeline of the next few years of my life, I realize that there is a lot of awesome stuff headed my way and I want you all to share in it.  I'm running the Disney World marathon next Janaury with my dad and sister and I'm applying to surgical residency programs starting this August (do you get the title of the blog, yet?  the title is actually my only contribution to the blog design...).  O, and I got a super awesome digital camera for Christmas and I need an excuse to photograph everything.  So here's a picture to get the new year of blogging started right- a shot of Danny and I on New Years Eve!


  1. Looks like someone followed my directions for making pictures larger in the blog as well!

    Good blog! You are welcome to give me a run for my money.

  2. PS. Your main post is 670 pixels wide.

  3. I actually didn't follow your larger picture directions- when I uploaded the photo and was asked to pick a size, there was an 'extra large' option. And it worked pretty well. Are you saying that if I do it your way, then I can get it to line up perfectly with my main post (670 pixels)? THat might be worth it

  4. great first post!! Can't wait to follow you via blog posts. Yippee, Mom

  5. send the link to Mrs. B (when you officially launch)

  6. Yep, you can make it exactly 670. You can also drag the corners to resize once on you upload it, but sometimes I think that makes it pizelly.