Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Internet Just Blew My Mind

Do you have any idea how cool the world that we live in is?


I'm finally getting around to putting the finishing touches on my novel, and I have discovered that the internet is AMAZING.

CreateSpace is an online publishing company that I can submit my electronic text to, and they will send me a copy for free. That's pretty cool.  BUT!  They will also put it on for me, and anyone in the world can buy it.  That's right.  Soon, you'll be able to type my name into Amazon and a real-live hard-copy bonafide copy of my book could show up on your doorstep. I bet you didn't think you knew any of the authors on Amazon- but you are officially wrong.

But, what if you are one of those awesome people who doesn't touch real books anymore, because you own a fancy Kindle?  Or perhaps an iPad where you read your Kindle books?  Have no fear!  Amazon has a program that allows anyone to upload a book onto their Kindle market and sell it as a Kindle book!

Remember when getting published meant that someone had to read your book and think it was worthy of being printed??  Ha.  I remember when Pluto was a planet, too.  Those days are long gone.

The world will soon be a little brighter, because my ill-researched and poorly written novel is about to take both Kindle and Amazon by storm.  Watch out world.  The field of science fiction is about to take a major blow.

I'll put some links on here once they are available.  Unfortunately, the reason that I can make the novel available on so many platforms for free (on my end), is because they are going to charge you for it (on your end).  I think I can make it as cheap as $0.99 on Kindle, and $4.99 + shipping/handling on Amazon.  Those are the minimum prices set by the publisher- and they even give me a percentage of the price as a 'royalty'.  I think I'll get $0.33 per Kindle sale, and $0.51 per hard copy sale.  I might quit my day job.

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