Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short Stories and Half Marathons

The novel, and the marathon, were both BIG accomplishments for me- and now that I have satisfied those goals, I'm looking forward to paring down my commitment in both areas to (1) short stories and (2) half marathons.  Both still require hard work and commitment, but you get the sense of accomplishment MUCH sooner.

One of my favorite book growing up was "The Illustrated Man" by Ray Bradbury, which was a collection of science fiction short stories.  I found my copy of it when I was going through boxes in my parent's attic, and it definitely looked well loved.  So I've decided to write sci fi short stories on a semi-regular basis.  My first one is almost done.  And, since it'll be shorter that the novel, hopefully I can put it up here on the internet for easier sharing.  Still working on editing the novel before that'll be available (I swear it takes more time to edit than to write).

I haven't been  running much since the marathon, which I blame on New England weather.  There has been 4-6 inches of snow on the ground continuously for the entire month of January.  We just tend to get 2-3 inches every other day, and I'm terrified of running on snow/ice and ripping some tendon in my leg.  Plus, it's freaking cold outside.  But all excuses aside, I need to do another half marathon.  There is one in May in Rhode Island that I'm thinking about doing. 

Here's a funny picture from the Marathon trip, of Danny and I putting Spiderman in his place.


  1. Ty is most impressed that you and Dan know Spiderman! He wants to know if he lives at your house and can we come see him -too funny!

  2. Can't wait to read the story. And - I think spidey is scared, very scared.

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