Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapter Three

Chapter Three of the novel is done!!

And here is a highlight from each of the prior chapters, for those of you who are on the fence about hopping over to my other site and reading it....

Chapter One-  "As their old TV flickered to life and the Gifting Day broadcast began; Marlene gasped, knowing immediately that something had gone terribly terribly wrong."

Chapter Two-  "William!  What the hell is going on?!  What was that?!”  she shouted again.   He didn’t respond, and for the first time, Andrea became suddenly aware of the redness that was seeping through the back of his shirt."

Chapter Three   "In front of everyone whose opinions he cherished, he lit the fuse on his rocket.  Seconds before the rocket should have lifted off, Christopher was smacked in the head by his religiously fervent mother who had snuck up on him while he was engrossed in watching his fuse burn. "

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  1. I'm thoroughly impressed that you are somehow managing to write a book while in a surgical residency. My goal for an average day outside of residency is to keep both my cats and myself alive. So far, so good.