Friday, November 18, 2011


Somehow I'm on call tonight in the ICU, and it's silent.   We are at full capacity in terms of patients; but they are are all sleeping restfully and keeping their vitals totally stable.  Weird....

So I get to update the blog!!  This past month has been really wonderful.  Dan and I have gone to archery classes, and are looking into a few different archery ranges around the city that we might join.  It's been really fun.  Also I love having totally random skills and experiences to confuse people with.  How fun would it be if I just casually slid out of work someday, stating that I had to get to my archery tournament.  AWESOME.

We bought a bunch of beautiful plants at a Conservatory sale a while ago, and they are mostly doing well.  We had to ditch our cotton plant because we found a bunch of bug eggs on its leaves.   Our big plants have been loosing some leaves; I have to clean up after them more often that if they were real pets.


  1. You never know who is going to be an archer! There was a guy in my freshman english class. Never.ever.said.a.word. Really nerdy/real quiet. Then one day our teacher tells us that she saw him on ESPN because he's an AMAZING archer!!! What? That's what your life is going to turn into. :)
    P.S. Love your blog!