Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Little Monster Inside of Me

I'm working on my next book, which is a humor/memoir about medical school and residency.  Some of its funny, some of its sad, and some of its silly.  Here's a poem that I wrote for the book, enjoy!

The Little Monster Inside of Me

There’s a little monster inside of me
He lives a funny life
He’s been places you may never see
Unless you wield a surgeon’s knife.

He slips down my gallbladder like a waterslide
My stomach cushions his fall
He burrows in the pile of small bowel to hide
And bats at my appendix like a whiffle ball

He dances to my heartbeat
And my aorta launches him like a trampoline
He lands on my kidney with both his feet
And wiggles down next to my spleen

He’ll fight infections if he’s done playing for the day
With sword and shield he’ll charge
“You foolhardy intruders will have to pay,
No foreingers allowed, small or large!”

He’s my inner child
Injecting fun into my veins
His playground is strange and wild
Free from all of life’s little pains

He’s all of my vices
When I smoke or drink too long
He the one who pays the prices
While singing his shanty song

When a surgeons knife unroofs his house
He hides behind my bladder
He stays as quiet as a mouse
Til alone again, climbs my uterus like a ladder

It’s not my fault when things go wrong
The monster must be scheming
Distracting my hands with his song
Pulling my mind into his dreamings

Blame the monster inside me
If I quiver or quake
Blame the monster inside me
If my nervous hands shake.

Blame the monster inside me
When I falter or fail-
But you’ll never catch the monster
Even if you see the tip of his tail

He’s crafty and sly
He knows where to hide
I will never say goodbye

To my little monster inside

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