Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogging Checklist

I have a lot to blog.  Like more than I've ever had to blog before.  It's starting to stress me out.  So I'm going to do the same thing that I do whenever I get stressed out about anything else: turn it into a checklist/outline.  This way, I'll stop being stressed because I will have started the process of catch-up-blogging, and you'll havea  sneak peak at what's coming up on Running With Scalpels!!  Everybody wins!
  • Meet My Family
    • This will be a picture oreinted post introducing you my whole crazy family and all the crazy pictures we took on vacation
    • To Do: Sort through 7 GB(!!!) of vacation pictures to find the 10 pics that make the cut
  • Traveling Alone
    • A post about my thoughts on traveling alone; both on my recent vacation and on my current exile to the oasis of the South Side of Chicago
    • To Do: Walk around my new neighborhood and take pretty pretty pictures (it's a pretty pretty neighborhood!!)
  • Things I Shouldn't See
    • Another picture oreinted post about all of the things that I see that are not particularlly natural for humans to see- including SCUBA diving, airplane rides, and people's insides
    • To Do: Find a funny picture of someone's insides
  • History of Hyde Park (according to Laura)
    • A post about my experiences in Hyde Park Chicago prior to this point in my life (have I peaked your interest?)
  • The Story I've Been Waiting Four Years To Tell
    • You'll have to come back to find out what this one's about!!
It's absurd how much less stressed I am.  List are magical.

Now, here's a funny picture of me very impressively completely missing a volleyball (Notice how my brother-in-law is running really fast to try to save it?  Notice how there's no little sand-poofs by my feet, showing that I didn't really even try to move to get it?  But who cares when the ocean is that pretty?)

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  1. Nobody makes "sand poofs" like Sol. :-) Yippee for the pretty ocean.