Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet My Other Family

I have two families.  You may have already met my real family, but here's my fake family.

That beauty in the middle is my BFF, Shelli.  People ask me if she's my friend from college or medical school, and the honest answer is that she's my friend from elementary school.  Not many people have elementary school friends, but we do. :-)   We were inseparable from kindergarten to 5th grade, and then I moved away for middle school and high school.  We both ended up in Chicago for undergrad and became friends again.

Her sister, Erica, is good friends with my sister.  Her mom is good friends with my mom.  And her dad (who didn't want a mani/pedi. weird) is friends with my dad.  We are family friends in the real sense that our entire families are close friends.

Growing up, I called Mrs B my 'fake mom', because I spent about half my time and ate half my meals at her house.  I LOVE my fake family and it was awesome to see them this weekend.  After the spa treatment, we went out on the town for Shelli's bachelorrette party.  It was AWESOME.  Unfortunatly, in this age of future employeers/residency programs being keen on googling people like us on the internet/facebook- there will be no internet sharing of the photographic evidence of the bachlorette party shenanigans.   Back to the stone age of only seeing pictures of the event when you come over to my house and visit me.  I know, it's tough.  I think you'll survive though. :-)


  1. At Blogher, I met a girl who was in Erica's class in Centerville and we almost got in a fistfight about who was better friends. True story.

  2. The B's - love the B's. Couldn't have raised my kids with the other-mother. :-)

  3. Oh no - you all just made me cry! Our time raising our families together was something that everyone should be lucky enough to have in their lives at some time. On our way home we were talking about the possiblity of one more Bruno/Grimmer vacation now that all of the kids are grown and to let Ty and Finley become BFF's! We were inspired by your trip to the Caymans. It was great to see Laura even if just for a little while. Jerry even hung out during our mani/pedi so he could see Laura for a quick visit. Can't wait to see you in October.

  4. Rachel - who did you meet at BlogHer who knew Erica? I am glad you did not end up in jail as that would mess Finley for life!