Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ridiculous Things My Novel Has Made Me Say

I'm currently "storyboarding" for my novel.  It's going to be a science fiction book (I think I watched too many Gary Sinise movies growing up- it was the only plot line I could come up with!!) and I'm LOVING coming up with crazy stuff to write about.  The best part is that, since I'm going to write the whole thing in a month, there is absolutely no room for fact-checking or research.  So I'm just making it all up.  It's very free-ing to write fiction that is TOTALLY fiction, without worrying about whether or not is plausible.  Here are some of the crazy things I've asked myself in the last hour as a I sketch out a very loose plotline:

"Do you think NASA trains their astronauts in cannibalism?  Like how to cook each other?  I bet they would."

"How many of my characters can I kill off?  So far I've killed 9 of 12.  Too much?  Nahhh...."

"I don't want my astronauts to wear space gear when they walk around on Mars.  So I guess Mars has breathable atmosphere.  And they have WiFi to run a web cam"

"Is it possible to stow-away on a space shuttle?   Like hide in the luggage compartment?  You'd probably die from lack of oxygen and stuff- but it'd be a good plot twist!!"

"O crap- I just killed my last character.  **deletes back 3 scenes to prevent massive causalities**"

This is going to be an AWESOME month!!  I love being ridiculous!!  :-D


  1. Who are you? I do not recall watching a lot of Gary Sinise. Quantum Leap and Back to the Future? Yes.

  2. Apollo 13? Mission To Mars? Apollo 13 was the only VHS that I took to college with me. I may have gotten all the dork genes.

  3. I don't even know what Mission to Mars is. Eek.

  4. I wish I could triple "like" your post and cuddle with it when I go to sleep.