Friday, October 1, 2010

Running Gear

I'm running a lot now. 430 miles so far, according to my little marathon tracker over there ------->
It's strange to realize that probably 400 of those 430 miles have been around the same 4 mile loop by my house.  What can I say- I'm a creature of habit.  But I've got some cool toys that make running super fun!!  Here are my favorites; check them out!!

1980's style wrist sweatbands
that used to be white

Waterbottle that straps on my hand

Garmin running watch,
which usually just tells me
that I'm still slow.  O well. 
iPhone- I LOVE Pandora
for running music


  1. That hand-strap water bottle looks great! I have a waist belt with 4 little water bottles that attach to it for long runs, and I HATE the darn thing. Either I adjust it for my waist and then it's squeezing my stomach (fun way to run!) or I adjust it for my hips and then every 5 seconds I have to SHOVE it back down (since, of course, it wants to ride up to my natural waist, which is much smaller, and then it bounces around like crazy since now it's way too big).

    Do you get annoyed at all about having something attached to your hand the whole time?