Monday, June 13, 2011

Burger and Beer 5K Fun Run

Operation Make-Friends and Operation Get-In-Shape are both in full swing here in Chi-town.  We live above a running store, and on Monday nights they host a "Burger and Beer 5K Fun Run".  Basically about 80 people meet in front of our house at 6:30pm and run either 5K or 5 Miles (I bet you can guess which group we went with), and then go to a local bar for a free beer and not free burgers.  YUM.

How can you turn that down? Seriously.

We met a few really great people- and we saw someone slip inside our building after the run, only to find out that one of the people we'd been running with was our upstairs neighbor!!   I like being back in the Midwest, where people are friendly and talkative, where beer is free, and where burgers served in a ridiculously huge portion size.

Until I get a paycheck, I am perfectly willing to run a 5K to get a free beer.

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