Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living With a Boy

I'm living with a boy now.

  • He owns every tool.   I'll say something like, "Man! I could totally fix that if I had a circular saw...." and BOOM! I have it.  Or, "Huh... I wonder if I could fix that with a wire cutter...." and SHABAM!  I'm cutting wires.
  • He carries heavy things.  I'm no wimp- but unloading a 16 foot truck about a 6 hour drive was certainly a lot nicer when he constantly said things like "Don't worry, babe, I'll get all the heavy boxes."  *swoon
  • He is always around.  I no longer have to carry around the mental list of "Things I Need To Remember To Tell Dan When I See Him", because he's always within ear shot.

  • He totally dominates the TV.  We've had our fancy new big flat screen TV for exactly 8 hours, and I'm pretty sure he's been watching the Cubs game for at least 6 hours.

Ask me for a pro and cons list in a few months.  Maybe it'll have shifted. :-P  But its been really great so far.  We've painted our new place, and it looks fantastic.  We bought our grown-up TV today, and we're getting our grown-up couch on Saturday. I'll post pictures when everything is set up.  One thing that has been so odd, is to be around one another even though we don't particularly want to be. It used to be that if we were together, it was because one of us WANTED to be with the other person enough to drive over and hang out.  Now it's just the default setting that we are together.  It's sort of funny to be around him all the time, and yet still feel like any time we spend together should be special and important. 

Here's a few pictures from my friend Heidi's wedding that we just went to.  It was the perfect way to party it up, one last time, with my med school possee.  If I look red and sweaty and terrible in the second picture, it's probably because the outdoor ceremony and reception were both in 95 degree heat, and I had already been dancing quite a while at the time of the second picture.  Gross and sweaty.

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