Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Six Words To Sum Me Up

I found a book at a bookstore called "Six Word Memoirs", which is a collection of six word phrases/sentences that people submitted which they considered their memoir. Some were funny, some were sad.  I'm guessing it was based on/inspired by the story of Ernest Hemingway's six word short story: "For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn."  So I'm trying to come up with my six word memoirs/manifesto, here are a few that I've come up with.

All work, no play, makes Laura.

Tried my hardest, then got lucky.

I make it all look easy.

I've run out of self control. 

That last one specifically applies to Jelly Belly jelly beans, around which I express zero self control and have been known to each entire bags in one sitting; often while being paradoxically simultaneously VERY self-controlled in terms of studying, running, etc.   Because making up those manifestos was so much fun- I made a few six word manifestos for some of my favorite people!!  Leave me a comment with one of your own!!

Danny (boyfriend)
Laid back until negative consequences intefere.
Optimism Defined: environmentalist and Cubs fan.

Ala (roommate)
Rules were made to be followed.
          Loves pregnant women ALOT. Husbands beware.

Measure twice, cut once, avoid regrets.
All my jokes are very punny.

I look younger as I age.
Numbers are simple, people are complicated.

Rachel (sister)
Born to run, destined to blog.
I could Fourier transform your face.

Finley (nephew)
Cutest baby ever. Without even trying.

Dan (brother)
I'll get around to it.  Eventually.

Ben (brother)
 FINALLY an only child.  About time!


  1. Those are hilarious and describe everyone so well. Well done!!

  2. Come on Laura. I am FOREVER explaining to my students that a lot is two words. I'll let it go this time.

  3. I've run out of self control would definitely apply to peanut butter patties in my case. So GOOD. Great post!

  4. confession....I had to google "fourier transform". Maybe I am not as good with numbers as I thought.

  5. So funny Laura, you are right about your mom. How old are you now Cynthia? 35? 37?

    I'm thinking for me . . . Living in paradise, annoyed by locals.

  6. And that is why I love you most, Christina. :-)

  7. I probably could not Fourier transform anything...

    TV, baby, running, food, Sol, sleep.

    I think that could also be mine. I'm lame. This is really funny though!

  8. Hey! I'm trying to break more rules with every day! One of these days I'll MAKE the rules, so I won't have any reason to break the rules :p

    For you, I would write:
    Unbelievably dedicated, forward momentum galore.

    Hehehe thanks for making one up for me :)