Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank You Notes

Did anyone else see Jimmy Fallon's thank you note skit on the Olympics with Bob Kostas a few nights ago?  I guess Jimmy Fallon always  writes his "thank you notes" for the week on his Friday night show- and he did them on the Olympics this week.  It got me thinking that I should catch up on my thank you notes, too.  So here goes:

Thank you, Hawaii tsunami, for reminding me of how gullible I am.  I watched MSNBC for 2 hours on Saturday, because those reporters kept telling me that you would arrive 'any moment'.    I naively believed them; just as I have believed politicians about healthcare reform.   Tsunami and healthcare reform- you have both bested me; which is not an easy task.  Well played.

Thank you, Olympians who are younger than me, for inspiring me to work my hardest in all endeavors.  Even though I have apparently passed my physical peak and have zero Olympic potential- your discipline and success continuously inspire me to grab another snack while I watch you on TV.

Thank you, man on the treadmill next to me yesterday, for acting like you didn't smell my fart.  It was incredibly disgusting; but you just kept running, albeit with less frequent breaths.  That was true sportsmanship.

Thank you, cashier at my favorite pizza place, for knowing me by name as soon as I walk in for my tri-weekly pizza slice.  I would prefer to be known by name at the gym, or at the library- but I'll take what I can get. Next time, could you cue up the Cheers theme song when I walk in?  Thanks.

Leave a comment with a thank you note of your own.  They are really fun to write!!!


  1. Thank you, the Container Store, for convincing me my life would be a little better if I had less money to spend on everything else and more shelves.

    (BTW - I am a huge fan of Jimmy's thank you notes - and loved the Kostas segment. I was cracking up.)

  2. I am still working on six word manifestos. Thank you notes will have to wait. :-) However, I loved yours.

  3. Vic- Good one!! Yeah, I need to start watching Jimmy Fallon more often because he's hilarious!

    Mom- I can't wait to hear your six word manifesto!