Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where Did I Go Wrong?!

I've been trying to study for my medicine shelf exam, which is Friday, but something's holding me back. What do you think, is the problem:
  • that my bedroom is the warmest room in my house, so I try to 'study' in bed?
  • that I can't open my computer without visiting at least 3 useless sites?
  • that I haven't had my GINORMOUS cup of coffee yet?
Well, now I'm sitting at my desk with the World's Warmest Sweater, I've turned off the wireless on my laptop (after posting this, OF COURSE) and I'm halfways through the World's Largest Cup of Coffee.  Time to rock this test!!


  1. I think the problem is the wood paneling.

    You are added to my sites!

  2. Love the mug - it doesn't appear to be damaged from the drama of traveling from South Carolina to Providence with an unexpected detour to Falls Church. :-)