Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Patient Puked On My Residents Face

I don't know how much more I can add to the title.  It pretty much sums up what happened. 

I supposed I could add that it wasn't just vomit; it was FECULENT vomit.  "Feculent" means that it was puke that had been sitting in the patient's stomach/bowels for so long that it was actually turning into poop while it was sitting there.

I suppose I could also add that I induced the patient's projectile vomit while putting in an NG tube (see my last post for a description of how pleasant that is).  Poor resident.   He was just trying to give me a hand with it, and he got a face full of poop puke.

I suppose I could also add that I was in the initial path of vomit- but I happened to reach over to grab a syringe right when the patient puked.  I don't think the resident even had time to react.  Poor resident.

Isn't my life glamorous?


  1. Need a picture. Preferably at an angle. Its artistic.

  2. Dear Dr. Laura,
    I have noticed that you have not been running all year. I do hope sincerely that you have not sustained an injury of the immobilizing sort. Also, I hope your subsequent experiences with feculent emesis have all been from a distance.
    Blake Jackson