Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Six Word Summaries

A while ago I wrote six word summaries of some of my favorite people in life.  Go read them!!  Now I've decided to write similar summaries for some of my medical school rotations:

1st Year
Try drinking from a fire hydrant.

2nd Year
Weekends off, Wednesdays off-  still behind.

Working hard for the money.  Wait.
Paying tuition to work this hard.
Constantly alternating between sad and boring. 

Strep, strep, strep, strep, asthma, strep.

Beautifully magical for them- not me.

Surgery Sub-I
Doubts about future career: officially gone.

Thoracic Surgery
"I quit smoking"  "When?" "This morning" 
 (We see mostly lung cancer surgery, EVERYONE 'quits' the morning of their first appointment with the surgeon. Fail.  Doesn't count til you've quit for more than 3 hours)

4th Year
Daily relaxing; big picture freaking out.

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