Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unanswered Questions

  • When I'm running and someone else is running toward me, I always think about opening my arms and running at them like a dramatic movie hug.  What would they do?  Would they hug me?
  • One of my patients is a priest.   Does seeing a priest daily for one week help balance only going to church about three times during the rest of the year?
  • How often are you supposed to flip a mattress?  I flipped mine for the first time in 3 years yesterday; and I've got a suspicion that I was supposed to be doing it more often.
Answers welcomed!


  1. Every sixth months. My mother is the ONLY woman I know who flips her mattress that regularly. I groaned EVERY time she asked for my help.

  2. 1. I'll dramatic movie hug you sometime--I'm worried about you getting a faceful of pepper spray from a stranger.

    2. LAURA! Your older sister is scolding you for your absenteeism from church! My mama raised you better than that.

    3. WHOOPS. I think never was how my mama raised me. Can you flip a waterbed?

  3. Once we lost a library book....when it was over two months past due, I found it when changing your sheets. A mom, that can go months without changing sheets, is not bothered by unflipped mattresses. True story...so very sorry.

  4. You are supposed to flip your mattress every time you get your tires rotated.

    Also, you might try just doing a high five as you go by. I have had a stranger do that to me - I high fived him.

  5. Once, let's say when I was first married, I thought I would do Tom a favor and flip his mattress. It looked a little funny, but I put sheets on anyway, and we were good to go. That night, the mattress was HARD. Unforgivingly hard. I told Tom I flipped the mattress. Turns out, this was not a mattress in the sense that both sides were usable. It was the cheapest mattress in the store, and only one side was meant to be slept on.