Friday, July 23, 2010

Gone for Seven Weeks!!

Somehow my four week long away rotation has turned into seven weeks away.  Which means the suitcase that I'm packing right now better have some crazy meta-physics-like-space-time-continuum-warping-space-saving-capacity; because I've still got a lot of stuff to cram in!!

I'm leaving in a few days for family vacation, then flying straight from there to my away rotation.  At the end of that, I was supposed to return to my apartment and life- but the medical student who is subletting my room here needs to stay an extra week.  So for some extra cash, I'm giving up my bedroom and crashing at my wonderfully generous boyfriend's place for that week.  Right when that student leaves and I would return to my aparment- I'm going out of town with above mentioned boyfriend for a week to see some of his family.  So I'm actually not going to be back in my own bedroom until mid September.

I'd better pack some more underwear.

And PS- I still love my iPhone. It's endless to-do lsit capacities might be the only reason that I've stayed sane through all of this packing-for-four-different-cities-at-once madness.

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  1. You love your iPhone... but you want a Droid though. Right?