Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Hate Hairdressers (But I Love My Haircut!)

I feel like women are supposed to love getting their haircut, and love the people who do it for them.  I DO NOT.  The last two times that I've gotten my haircut, I've come straight from the hospital so my hair is semi-gross and in it's perpetual messy-bun.  I sit down and they start making weird, passive-aggressive comments like:
  • "So how long did you say it was since your last haircut?" 
  • "Do you normally wear your hair curly, straight, or, ummm.... like that?" 
  • "Did you mean to go so long without a haircut?" 
  • "What product do you usually use?  I mean, have you ever used product?"
I'm not a gross person.  And I happen to love my hair.  But I HATE feeling like I have to apologize to these people for the state of my hair.  Just make it pretty and then leave me alone.  If I choose to put your handiwork in a messy bun everyday, that's my perrogative.

All that being said, I'm off the get a haircut.  I might punch them if they say something mean to me. I'm a pretty girl, gosh-darn-it!!!!

Update: Today they were in full swing with ridiculous comments, too!!  "You must us a cheap shampoo and conditoner"   "Wow, your hair is really annoying to style."  WEIRDOS.  Here's some before and after shots.  I'll do better after-shots when I style my hair myself.  That crazy lady acted liked she'd never seen curls before.


  1. love the new do. It has been a very long time since your hair was that short.

  2. I agree with your Mom - I like the new do and letting the curls do their thing. You do need to find some nicer hairdressers - they should be treating you better. Getting your hair cut should make you feel pampered and better about your look!

  3. I agree! I always get those comments too. They better watch out too, I'm coming home and getting my first cut since . . . well since to long ago to remember!