Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane x 160

Air travel is a hobby of mine.  Blame it on my gypsy-esque family members who all move to new areas of the country every 3-4 years, or blame it on picking a career path that requires lots of interviews and conferences, or blame it on my general restlessness-  any way that you slice it, I fly often.

I was booking a few flights this evening, and I started to wonder just how often I fly.  I'm pretty committed to one airline, so I check out how many free tickets I'd received from them over the years.  The answer is 20.  TWENTY!   20 flights= 10 roundtrips, which means that I've taken 160 flights with them to earn that many free flights. If that is since 2003, then I'm averaging 22 flights a year, or about one roundtrip per month. (At this point, I was tempted to find out how much money this means I've spent on flights, but I thought that would change the whole investigation from interesting to depressing- so those calculations were conveniently omitted)

I'm actually a little surprised that I've had enough time to get through undergrad and medical school- because apparently I'm out of town 1 out of 4 weekends!!  Who knew I was so busy?   I'm still keeping up the pace- I'll be making appearances in Grand Cayman, Chicago, Tampa and Ohio over the next 3 months (and residency interviews haven't even started yet...)

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  1. gypsy-esque - yep, that's us. I bet there is another 25% for your non-southwest airlines flights. See you soon - CAYMANS!!!!