Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Marrying Keith

I normally hate going to my hairdresser (here's why) but today was different.  I called for an appointment and got some guy named Michael that I'd never seen before.  But I'm not picky, so I was ok with it.

So I sit down and he starts snipping away and being very chatty.

"You know, I actually have some psychic powers," he stated
"Oh really?" I replied, as I flipped though my magazine, not really listening
"Yes.  And I'm getting a strong vibe from you.  I see myself doing your hair for a your wedding soon.  Are you getting married anytime soon?"
"Nope," I said, secretly thinking, "You're just trying to get me to make an appointment for an up-do with you. I see right through your sales tactics, mister!"
"Well, I think that you're going to be getting married sooner than you think."
"That would be very interesting." = "Are we really still talking about this?"
"The name Keith keeps coming to my mind.  You are going to marry someone named Keith."

So that's it,  My psychic hairdresser has spoken.  I'm marrying Keith. Nevermind that I don't even know anyone named Keith.  Here's my favorite picture of me and Keith at our wedding. Keith likes brunettes.

Bahamas Wedding


  1. Dude, I laughed out loud. I like the random images you've been stealing from the internet. Keith seems great!