Monday, November 22, 2010

Novel Excerpt

I'm hard at work on my novel, and realized that I haven't shared any excerpts yet with my faithful blog audience.  So here's one. Enjoy!

What struck me first was how quiet his room was.  There were doctors, surgeons and nurses in the room, but there was no urgency, no rushing around, no screaming out orders, nothing was STAT!, nothing at all was happening.  Jonah was too quiet also.  He looked peaceful, laying on the white sheets with his eyes closed.  The monitors ticked away at the calm rhythm of his heart, beep beep beep beep beep. My eyes moved from his serene face... down his body.... until I saw a dramatic change in his white sheets at the level of his thighs.  The sheets turned to a dark red, filled with his blood.  Blood dripped from the edges of the oversaturated sheets onto the tile floor, where a nurse calmly mopped it up as it fell.  There was something else wrong with the sheets too.  I looked more closely.  Just below the change from white to red, the sheets suddenly fell flat against the table.  It looked so peculiar that it took me a minute to put together what it all meant.

Jonah’s legs were gone.