Monday, November 8, 2010

New York, New York

I have an awesome camera, but somehow I always forget to take pictures.  Oops!

After my recent trip to Chicago, I caught a quick flight to New York City to see Billy Elliot on Broadway.  I have to admit- I felt like a very important person showing up to O'Hare in my fancy interviewing suit, flying to New York and taking a cab straight to a Broadway show.  That's the kind of thing that fancy rich people do on a Saturday!!

Danny and I went to New York as a surprise for his sister's birthday. She had never been to New York before, so her husband planned a surprise trip for her birthday, and we were the extra surprise!  The show was SUPER (I'm downloading the soundtrack right now so that I can re-live it).

In other news, my interviewing is going really well.  The numbers are: 23 programs applied to, 21 interview offers received, 17 interviews scheduled (but I'm trying to cut it down to 14-15), 2 interviews done.   The interviews that I've done so far were both really low stress, and I ended up loving both programs more than I thought I would.  That could be an issue if that trend continues.   Since I'm applying in mostly Chicago and New England, I'm going to be flying back and forth a lot.   We looked at our calendar last night and realized that either Danny or I will be in Chicago for the next 6 weekends.  WOWZA.

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