Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flashback: DC for No Reason

Because medical school isn't too exciting, I'm going to start have some "Flashback" posts, where I re-live a more exciting time in my life.

It's 2006, I'm a student at IIT, and a proud member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority.  I'm sitting at my desk, probably not studying, when I heard a familiar "ding!" which alerts me to a time-limited fare sale on Southwest airlines.  Curious, I open the Southwest website and I see the best airfare of all time: $25 from Chicago to Washington DC.  I glance at the small print, and realize that the fare is only good for the next 45 minutes!  I can't pass up this deal!  But I don't want to go to DC alone!!  What's a girl to do?!

I spent the next 45 minutes running around my sorority house like a crazed woman, pitching the idea  to anyone who would listen of a flying to DC on Saturday morning and back on Saturday night for $50 roundtrip and spending a day at the Smithsonian.  I got 3 friends to commit, and a few weeks later we were off for one of the silliest trips I've ever taken.

We had to wake up at like 4am to catch our flight, but we made it to DC by about 8am.  So with the help of a lot of coffee, we started our siteseeing.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we walked non-stop for about 12 hours, seeing all the museums and momuments.  And my wonderful cousin, Sarah, came to see us downtown, too! We caught our flight home about 9pm, and I was cuddled up in bed by midnight.  Pretty cool to have woken up and gone to sleep in my own bed; but spent the day in DC.

My prior life was so much fun :-)

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