Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday With Mom: The Need for Respite

When life is chaotic and the candle is rapidly burning from both ends, it is time to find a moment or two of respite (per the dictionary – a temporary suspension of distressing or trying times)

Stress is bad – Relaxation is good.

I am in stress overload mode. I declared a much needed day of respite (well ….actually it is a ½ day– the morning was spent in meetings). The afternoon is to be spent driving from Montezuma, Iowa to Omaha, NE – but that is irrelevant. I will find my respite on the road.

The goal – I have 3.5 hours in the car and I am going to find as much laughter and relaxation as possible at 70 mph.

Available tools – a camera (to capture the moments) , 44 oz Diet Dr Pepper, the open road and a great radio station.

First challenge - my rent car had manual roll down windows. What?? How I am suppose to snap pictures while driving if I have to lean over and manually roll down the window.

And the Fun begins…

Montezuma pant-less man – I zipped past this house and at first glance, I thought someone was hanging from the porch. Slammed on the breaks, backed up and took a picture. Shortly after snapping the pic, the front door opened and a boxer wearing man said….”hey – what are you doing”. I sped away.

Trucks that I saw…. the HUGE tires, a HUGE tank and a marathon cheese truck (why would anyone think that branding cheese with “marathon” was a good idea)?

Signs I saw…Rest Area with Internet Access (very cool, Iowa) and the rivers…..Upper Skunk, Upper Raccoon, Middle Raccoon,….I guess the rule in Iowa is first vermin to be spotted gets to name the river? The river pics didn’t turn out, I was driving pretty fast and my aim was off.

Buildings that I saw….HOLY MOLY, Harley Davidson of Des Moines is in at barn with a silo. Love it.

More signs and things that made me go ….ahhhh, I wish I had more time….Bridges of Madison County, a Iowa vineyard and John Wayne’s home town. Yes, I would have absolutely visited all of the above except GPS kept warning me that I might miss my flight.

Bottom line – it was a wonderful ½ day and I am rejuvenated. Grab your moments of respite when you can. A little bit can go a long way. Even on a solo drive through Iowa, much relaxing laughter can be found.


  1. Two posts in one day mom? BUSY! Why were you driving around? I feel bad I don't know why already. :(

  2. Last Monday was the day for Laura's post but I had this crazy last minute trip to Iowa and didn't get it to her until Tuesday, so she held it until today. (Windstream is buying a telecom in Iowa) The best part was traveling to Iowa on the swanky company plane - but had to travel back commercial via Omaha (hence the 3.5 hr road trip).