Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes I Forget That I'm a Grown Up

I left my headlights on my car turned on all day on Thursday.  So my battery was dead when I went to my car at the end of the day.  I immediatly called Danny, who lives a mile away from the hopsital, and asked him to come jump my car.  After I hung up with him, I remembered that I was at a major medical center that  had securtiy guys who could jump my car.  I also remembered that I have AAA, and they could also come jump my car. 

I forget that I'm a grown up a lot.  I'm used to having to call my boyfriend when I get into a sticky situation.  I forget that I have grown-up resources- like the security guys and AAA.

The security guy got to me before Danny did, and I was on my way home within 5 minutes.  Danny made fun of my knee-jerk reaction of calling him when anything related to my car goes wrong.  Sometimes it's just hard to remember that I'm a grown up.

Similarly, I'm doing an away elective in Chicago soon.  I've been making plans for where I'm going to live, how I'm going to commute, when I'm going to fly in and out, how I'm going to get my stuff there-- and it's strange to me that I don't have to run any of my plan by anyone. Because grown-up's just DO things without someone telling them what the best way to do it is.  WEIRD.

Here's what I was like before I was grown up.  Sometimes I would get stuck in between mattresses.  But now that I'm a grown up; I don't do silly things like that.

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