Saturday, May 15, 2010

Running v. Surgery

Seeing as these are the only two things that I do anymore; I've noticed a lot of similarities and differences in why I love each of them. 

  • Surgery is still, running is moving.  On Wednesday, I stood in the OR for probably 6-7 hours.  I was able to go on a quick 3 mile run afterward, and it just felt so good to move.  I love the stillness of the OR- it feels peaceful and controlled.  And somehow the movement of running is also so peaceful and controlled.
  • Surgery is measured in millliliters and cenitmeters; it feels good to do something afterward that's measured in miles.
  • Surgery is completely for the benefit of someone else, and running is completely for my own benefit.  I love that no one else benefits from me running. It's a completely selfish thing to do; which feels nice after doing what everyone else tells me to do, and doing it all for someone else's benefit.
  • I love the preparation time before either starts (scrubbing in, or lacing up my shoes).  There's a rhythm and routine to the preparation allows time to plan and focus on what's next.
  • Great accomplishments in either are the results of a million little decisions to keep going, keep trying, keep pushing.
  • My heart races.
That's the end of my attempt at insightfulness.  Here's a silly picture.  Danny dove head first over some bushes on Brown's campus.  When I asked why, he said, "So that you'll remember me every time you see those bushes."  Kinda romantic, kinda ridiculous. :-)


  1. I shall think of him everytime I watch jeans tumbling in the dryer (which is what the picture reminds me of)

  2. Is that picture from when we visited Brown with you?