Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cross Training

Marathon training is officially in full swing!  You can check out my widget over there -------->

Every Sunday, though, I'm supposed to do "cross training".    I'm struggling with the best way to do that.  Last week, I went swimming.  It was wonderful- until later that night.   My feet starting coordinating a very elaborate series of cramping patterns that made it pretty much impossible to do anything except sit on the floor, whine, and rub my feet.   Take a look at my right foot.  The big toe is pulled down and over and you can see all the tightened muscles on my foot and ankle.  It hurt a lot more than that picture gives me credit for.
Crampy feet = Crabby Laura.

So no swimming this week.  Here are some of the other things I tried, instead.
Building our tents = building a base?

Lifting a baby = lifting weights? Check out those triceps!
Bonfire at the beach = swimming at the beach?

Running down a dune = running at all?  Not really cross-training...
Hatchet throwing = terrible idea!!!

My final conclusion?  That I have awesome friends, but kinda suck at cross-training.

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  1. Poor Laura - get Dan to massage those sad feet! Can't wait to see you in just 17 days!