Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taking It Like A Surgeon

I've been hanging out with soley surgeons for the last, umm, 5 months.  And surgeons don't make fun of surgeons.  But  I spent today with a bunch of my non-surgeon classmates who DO make fun of surgeons- ie ME.  Here were a few of their better zingers.

     "Hey Laura, do you want a medicine consult for that patient?  They were talking an awful lot."

     "You probably haven't done psychiatry stuff in a long time. Except narcissism."

     "It must be exhausting to spend 4 whole hours with patients who are awake."

Truth?  I can't argue with a single one of those.  This morning was our 4th year OSCE, which is where we see standardized patients all morning who mimic a typical day in a primary care office (back pain, depression, headaches, runny noses) and are observed and graded to make sure that we will be a good doctor.

It was exhausting to talk to people for that long.  They were just all so.... awake.  And they were talking an god-awful amount.   I kept wondering when the anesthesiologist would come in to put them to sleep for me... :-)

It was a fun morning, but it definitely reaffirmed my lack of interest in primary care.  God bless you, primary care physicians, every one.


  1. Why have you not blogged about our days as standardized patients?

  2. Rachel - you stole my comment.

    Laura - I think you tenure as a standardized patient gives you a unique perspective. It isn't a bowl of cherries for them either. :-)