Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Isn't It Ironic, Rosie? Don't Ya Think?

I love irony.  It probably competes with puns for for my favorite type of humor.  Allow me to share with you my favorite piece of irony that makes me smile every time I see it.

In case you are visually challenged, it's a pretty pink dust pan that says "Auf geht's Madels!" (German for "Let's go, girls!") and has Rosie the Riveter on it.  In case you are historically challenged, Rosie the Riveter and her cute saying were used to get women into the factories during WWII.

Irony #1-  The saying and image are specifically anti-German. "Let's go, girls!" meant "Let's go build tanks and guns to kill the Germans with, girls!"  So it's ironic to see that phrase written in German, and to sell anything related to Rosie the Riveter in Germany.

Irony #2- Her message is very anti-housework.  Rosie was all about getting women to realize they could do more than housework for their country.  So it's awesomely ironic to put it on a dustpan.

Irony #3-  So I saw this dust pan in a window of a shop in Germany, and I couldn't stop laughing.  It was doubly ironic.  I loved it.  It's actually the only souvenir that I bought from that trip- and I find it ironic that I actually use it as my dustpan.  Not many people would say that my only souvenir from an awesome trip like that should be frequently covered in dirt and grim, but I'm too practical not to use it.

And so, dear Rosie, this dust pan makes me triple-y go against everything you stood for-  I contributed to the German economy, I've done more housework, and I've put filth all over your cute little face.

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