Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Used To Put Jell-O In My Hair

There are lots of things that you probably don't know about me, internet world.  Here are three good ones.

I was a synchronized swimmer in middle school, and we had to put jello in our hair to keep it in place during our routines.  Also, my older sister convinced me that really good synchronized swimmers could dive into the pool without getting their hair wet at all.  Think about it.  It's a good way to get your little sister to do a belly flop really hard.

I was a standardized patient in high school.  I was paid to be lectured by budding medical students about contraception and safe sex.  Also, I was scolded at one of my medical school interviews for not putting that experience on my application.  I didn't put it on because (1) it was 6 years ago at that point, (2) it seemed so unrelated to whether or not I was smart enough to be a doctor, (3) and most medical school applications are way too short to put everything you've ever done.  But it happened to casually come up in one of my medical school interviews, and the doctor exclaimed- "Why wasn't that on your application?!  The admission committee loves that kind of crap!"  Yes, he called it crap.  I was tempted to tell him that I my application was already full of other crap- but the statement "my application is full of crap" didn't seem to bode well for me.  I didn't include it on my residency application- hopefully I don't get yelled at again.

I'm a GFGF, x4.  "GFGF?" you say "What's that?".  It's a position that I made up for myself- GodFather's GirlFriend.  Danny has 18 million nieces and nephews, and he is the godfather for all of them.  Okay, maybe he only has 7- but they are all under the age of 6, so it seems like there are 18 million of them.  Anyway, this past weekend I attended yet another baptism, and was the official GFGF again.  The great thing about being the GFGF is that you get to dress up and hold a cute baby, but you don't have to send birthday or Christmas money. Score.


  1. I still think you can dive in without getting your hair wet. Youtube disagrees.

  2. I remember you synchronize swimming days! And, hahahaha, Rachel is pretty brilliant. I wonder if anyone has ever collected stories of older-sisters-duping-their-younger-sisters. I could contribute a few. :)