Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday With Mom: The Things They Carried

My teenage sons were given a reading assignment to read the book “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien. It is the story of soldiers in Vietnam. I haven’t read the book but the title is thought provoking. I am in the midst of combining the “stuff” in the Greenville house with the “stuff” in the Owasso house. This is an exercise that is fairly common in the Grimmer household. We have moved 12 times. Each time, we go through the “stuff” and decide what items will make the cut and be the tangible reminders each chapter of our story. The “stuff” has no monetary value but a poo-load of sentimental value. Here are the five things that are making the cut (including a bonus treasure from 1998).

FDN magnet– I “borrowed” this magnet from the side of a FDN service vehicle when FDN became NuVox. I was walking out on my last day of work and couldn’t resist grabbing it off the side of the truck.

Target man- Amy and I decide to shoot the “man” as a team building event (hence our journey into becoming redneck women who could protect themselves).

Yellow spudger– my first and only telecom tool.

Plus a small box of miscellaneous – golf balls, markers and score cards (reminders of all the fun and memories on golf courses in Florida, South Carolina and Alabama), bear bell from my boss (so he could easily find me) and a smattering of other small treasures (including the corks from some very special bottles of wine)

Take a break and revisit the things you carry. It is good for the soul to stroll down memory lane. Enjoy!!!

And the bonus (a newly found old treasure that will be kept forever)…… while searching through the “stuff”, I found a newspaper clipping of Laura’s first surgery. She was unable to save the patient. :-)


  1. Sorry for the late comment--that newspaper clipping is priceless! I think I'm going to have to do a similar post about all my junk from high school I can't bear to part with. :)

  2. After working at the Warhol Museum, I've gained a new perspective on the things I carry. I'm going to try to narrow each era down to one box, then label it as a Time Capsule like Andy did. (Although, Andy's Time Capsules are a giant pain, and often include things like food, alcohol, and stolen airline silverware.)
    For reference:

  3. My room in Kansas is a time capsule--need any Trojan Nite memorabilia? check with my mama!