Friday, March 12, 2010

To Do List

I thought I'd offer my readers a unique glimpse into my exciting life by sharing my current to do list, at least as it appears on my Palm Pilot.  These are in order of how long the item has been on my to do list (longest at the top).

  • Set up a meeting with chief of surgery-  on the to do list for about a month, mostly because the chief of surgery is an uber-famous, hot shot, awesome surgeon who intimidates me.  So I've put off my meeting with him to discuss my surgical career path as long as possible, to avoid the worst case scenario in my mind of literally being laughed out of his office.  I'm totally neurotic- he's a very nice man, I'm just crazy.
  • Get a new driver's license- on the list for a few weeks.  My Florida (that's right, FLORIDA) driver's license expires on my 25th birthday, so I've got to get a Rhode Island one before then.  I love that Florida license, because it represents the randomess of how many places I've lived.  Just when you think you know me- "Ok, so you live in Rhode Island, went to college in Chicago, but your parents live in Oklahoma and you went to high school in Kansas, but you sometimes spend the holidays in South Carolina...  ok, I think I've got it-"  then I can BLOW YOUR MIND by letting you catch a glimpse of my FLORIDA driver's license. When my last license expired, back in 2005, my parents were briefly living in Florida, so that's where I got it renewed.  I will be sad to see my FL driver's license go, but I feel like Rhode Island might be equally random in the grand scheme of things.
  • Fill out health insurance forms-  In addition to losing my favorite driver's license, I get kicked off the parent's health insurance on my 25th birthday also (so far, it's not looking like a great birthday).  Buying my own insurance makes me feel too grown up, thus I will procrastinate it a little longer.  And don't even get me started on how my sister had a baby when she was 25; or how my mom already had two babies when she was 25.  I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.
  • Get new glasses- Through some great fluke in the healthcare universe, I happen to have AWESOME vision insurance until April 1.  I've got my perscription for new glasses, and my insurance will cover most of the cost, it's just a matter of picking them out.  I'm thinking I want a pair with lots of bling, diamond rims, and maybe a gold-plated nose piece. Other suggestions?
  • Finish financial aid packet- I equate financial aid to a ride at an amusement park that makes you puke.  You're lured into filling out all this paperwork with promises of scholarships and financial assistance, then you're spun around a million times until you can't tell your interest rate from your telephone number, but you're gonna end up just feel nauseous at how much you have to borrow.  Luckily, this is the last year EVER that I have to borrow money.  That's right.  Next year, at the age of 26, will be the first time that I will hold a full time paying job. I will officially stop being a financial drain on society. You're welcome.
  • Buy power steering fluid- My wheels squeek every time I turn the steering wheel.  The noise definitely turns some heads when I'm rollin' down the street- but I just pretend that everyone is checking out my sweet ride. Cars from 1998 are so hot right now.


  1. Society here - you have been a nice drain.

  2. Dude. I'm pretty sure dad has never commented on my blog. Congrats.