Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I started Ob/Gyn rotation this week. This is my "Clinic Week", so I'm working at an outpatient office seeing regular gyn and pregnancy visits.  I've perfected my pap smear, so now I'm working on adding style points (like maybe a spin on the end?).    But all of my pregnancy visits have been CRAZY!  Remember how Michael Scott always pulled a gun during his improv skits on The Office because "pulling a gun is always the most exciting thing that can happen!" ?  Well, I think that pregnancy is always the most dramatic thing that can happen in someone's life.  The drama can be due to figuring out who the father is, how he's involved, and who's fault it was that the contraception failed, or the drama can be due to how long they'd been trying,  how terrified they are of another miscarriage, and how freaked out they are by even touching their belly during the exam.  Opening the door to the room of a pregnant woman is a little like opening a door on a gameshow- you have no clue what's waiting for you.

My worst pregnant patient stories from this week?  Probably the one who already had multiple kids taken out of her custody and was having another baby for the purpose of proving that she "deserved the other ones back." Or maybe the one who couldn't afford an abortion, so she overdosed on heroine instead (which I've heard is cheap?)  to try to cause an abortion herself (bad idea).    But the best appointments? Definintely the moms who tear up when I show them their baby on ultrasound.  PRICELESS!

Next week is "Night Float" aka Vampire Week- which means I'm on the labor and delivery floor from 6pm-5am. Believe or not, I'm sort of excited for it.   After that I've got 2 weeks of gyn surgery (finally I'll be back in the OR for the first time since July!), and then 2 weeks of OB labor and delievery during the day shift.  It'll be a very dramatic 6 weeks!

Disclaimer- Of course, I change everything about any patient who I write about on here; I just try to keep the gist of the ridculousness.  I would never disclose anything that could in anyway identify any patient that I see in any capacity, or would violate their confidentiality.

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