Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pros and Cons of Flooding

  • One of my lecturer's basement flooded= 2 extra hours of sleep
  • Arc jokes
  • I live on College Hill Mountain, so my place is flood-free
  • Danny's work is flooded, so I actually got to see him for a few hours today
  • Rhode Island's finally on the national news; also it's finally looking a little like an Island
  • I saw a mom name her newborn baby Rain.  Cute.
  • There are a  few inches of water on all the roads by the hospital- which sneakily hides all the 12 inch deep potholes over there.  My poor car is not happy about those
  • Danny's work is flooded.  I'm not sure what 5 inches of water does to a warehouse full of batteries, but I've got a few diet-coke-and-laptop incident under my belt to tell me that it's probably not good
  • There's some poor kid out there named Rain because of a natural disaster. Sad.
  • I-95 is flooded and closed- which means my primary route to the nearest Chipotle is closed.
  • The hospital basement flooded, which is where all the cables for the elevators run, which meant I had to take the stairs up and down all of last night.  My poor gluteus maximus.

1 comment:

  1. Very funny and I agree with your assessment. This can't be good for the batteries.