Monday, April 12, 2010

Boring Operating Room= Creative Laura

I've been on a few hysterectomy surgeries that take FOREVER.  A hysterectomy should take like 1.5 hour.  But I seem to pick all the cases that take 4+ hours, and when those cases get complicated, the med student gets kicked to the foot of the table pretty quickly.

I've decided to make the most of my time at the end of the table.  So instead of focusing on how I can't see anything, how everyone is ignoring me, and how I'm paying $150/day for medical school and this is how I'm being treated-  I've started using that time as my 'creative time'.    My favorite past time is making limericks about the surgery that I'm watching (or more accurately, the surgery that I'm watching everyone else watch).   It's a silly pastime, but it works well to keep my brain just busy enough that I don't fall asleep.

Here's my favorite limerick:

The only place we've all resided,
(while grateful for all you've provided)
What you do to us,
O dear uterus,
Is tortous payback, I've decided.

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  1. fitting tribute to the uterus (from whence all things come)