Monday, April 26, 2010

The Real Reason You Look At Blogs

When I look at someone else's blog- I have a 10 word attention span before I start scanning for pictures to look at.  I realized that sometimes I'm not good at posting pictures, even though I take a lot of pictures.  So I'm going start putting up random pictures more often.

These are some of your future surgeons.  But they probably won't be drinking beer when they operate on you.  Probably.

This is my "I"m trying REALLY hard, but I'm not getting any of the notes!!" face.  They say that surgeons who play lots of video games have better hand-eye coordination in the operating room.  I'm hoping they're lying.

This is the kitten that Danny LOVES; but the kitten doesn't reciporcate his feelings.  So Danny snook (sneaked?) up next to the kitten and made me take a picture really quick so that it looked like he liked Danny.


  1. I dunno. A plastic surgeon won the Donkey Kong championship last week.

  2. Man if I'm as good a hysterectomies as I am at OPERATION, I'm gonna be AMAZING. Also, those pics of you when you were little are PRECIOUS. Lastly, we'll work on your video game skills--just you wait til next weekend... heh heh heh