Friday, April 30, 2010

What I Learned on Ob/Gyn

I just finished my Ob/Gyn rotation, and I've learned a lot of things.

1. Ob/Gyn's may insult you, without you even know it.
True example:
Pregnant Patient:  One time, I got herpes from a toilet seat
Ob/Gyn: Have we talked yet about an IUD placement right after delivery?
Patient: I'm saying something really dumb
Ob/Gyn: You're so dumb that we would really like it if you didn't procreate again for at least 5 years.

2. If a dad tries to take a picture of the mom's lady parts while baby is being delivered- tell him that it's not allowed (even if it is).  All of his friends and family will thank you later; because no one wants to see that.
3. Epidurals make everyone happier.
4. Women without epidurals are NEVER interested in anything you have to say.
5. If a woman tells you that her last baby delivered quickly; you had better take her very seriously.
6. Never say "ewwwww",  "oops"  or "what's that?".  Never ever ever.
7. The 2nd floor nurses station is where they keep all the good food for patients; and they can be very easily distracted long enough to fill up my pockets.  YUM.

All that being said, Ob/Gyn was pretty fun.  Delivering babies is a rite of passage for medical students.  They can be slippery little buggers, and we all need to learn how to catch them.  And now I am done with Ob/Gyn, done with 3rd year of medical school, and done with med school exams!!



  1. Haha, on many of those. My last baby was fast... so I should tell my doctor that? And I did NOT get good food! I did NOT know about that...

  2. Excellent hilarious post. Wish you were going to be in Pittsburgh this weekend. You will be missed

  3. Nice! Finishing the core clerkships really was as awesome as I thought it would be too.