Sunday, April 18, 2010

My First Black Eye

I got my first black eye this weekend.  The picture is a re-enactment; Danny didn't really give me the black eye.  The real story is even better- but I'm going to make you guess which story it is:

1)  I caught a tennis ball in my face

2) I tripped while running and caught some sidewalk in the face

3)  I've auditioned for the Black Eye Peas, and thought that a real black eye would add some credibility

4) I was selected as an audience participant at the Providence Roller Derby

5) I ran into a tree branch while running

Leave me a comment with your guess; and I'll let you know who won.


  1. Because Rach said #5, I'm going to say #2.

  2. I am going with #1 - tennis balls are very sneaky.

  3. I wish it was 4, but I bet it was 5. Also!! I want to go to the PVD's roller derby and check it out! So you should invite me sometime ;)

  4. I would love to say # 3 because of your love of karaoke but I am going with #5 since you probably would have been out running this past weekend!